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Therapies I offer


Eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing is a well researched treatment for trauma and phobias. I also use it with an attachment focus to help heal the symptoms of neglect, childhood loss, abuse and depression and anxiety.

This is careful work, completed at a pace that is agreed with you and with warmth and compassion. 


This is a talking therapy designed to support you to understand and relieve emotional and psychological difficulties. 

Some of these difficulties may be: 

anxiety, panic, depression, health conditions, work related stress, challenging work relationships, bullying, childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, divorce, separation, physical trauma, sexual assaults,  and bereavement, retirement, life transitions, loss of direction or purpose.  

Psychotherapy is confidential and non-judgemental. It is a safe and containing therapeutic treatment to support the healing process. 


This can be short term and solution focused concentrating on the difficulties you are facing now and looking for ways to mange, change and move on. 

We may pay attention to your current life and relationships, work, family, bereavement, stress, health and finding a work-life balance. 

My Approach

I work with warmth and compassion to understand your past and current experiences and how these are impacting your emotional and mental health. 

I aim to attune to your experience and build a healing therapeutic relationship of trust where difficult feelings, experiences, beliefs and behaviours can be unravelled and soothed.  


I understand how traumas or over whelming experiences can be stored in our nervous-system and memory system and, how these can be triggered words, sounds, smells, thoughts, images, tastes etc and we can feel as if we are back in the memory and re-living it. Or, we can be overwhelmed by an emotion and find it extremely difficult to shake off the feelings and sensations. 

My approach is to help you to understand how our mind, body and nervous system works and, to practice exercises, strategies and EMDR to regulate and ease these difficulties. 

I work using Mindfulness, guided visualisations, breathing exercises and many other creative strategies that are recommended to ease emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms. 


The work is carried out in a confidential framework.  

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My Approach
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